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MayMac Masterclass – How to Handle Pressure

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor The Pressure

He is back! It may have taken Mixed Molly Whoppery some time to fully digest the event that was MayMac, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. But digest it he did, and come back with yet another stonker of an edit. As he breaks down the mind games and verbal warfare which took place throughout the buildup, as well as the eventual fight result.

Working his way through the World Tour, he brings together the threads and similarities. Between how McGregor approached his fight with Mayweather. And his previous fight with the now-former featherweight kingpin, Jose Aldo Junior.

Very much making the matchup out to be so much more than just the fight itself. But trying to force his opponents into overthinking and a vicious spiral of self-doubt.

Now Conor may not have met his equal in terms of trash talking. But in Mayweather, he met a fighter has learned through his many years of adversity. To simply let much of the verbal onslaught slide. And accept it for what it was, pure promotion.

Comparing both Mayweather in any of his post-press tour interviews. He was calmly collected and even seemed to be having a good time. Echoing the mantra that both men were giving the fans what they wanted to see and hear.

Against that of Jose Aldo Junior during his world press tour with McGregor. Aldo appeared very upset by the encounters. Then finally when the two men stepped into the octagon for the championship belt. The writing was on the wall for the long-reigning champion.

One thing you cannot do is knock McGregor’s confidence. MMW compares the average Joe’s intense fear of public speaking. Talking in front of colleagues usually, in a controlled environment, which can shatter even the strongest person’s nerves.

Versus Jose Aldo Junior

Compare that with Conor’s walkout to face Jose Aldo for the belt at UFC 194. His cold as ice demeanour before facing one of the greatest p4p fighters on the planet. It was like destiny manifesting itself in front of our very eyes.

And again, when he came out to face Mayweather. Conor looked like a man not in any way out of his element. In a completely new sport, against one of the very best of all time. And yet again, McGregor had managed to drag the entire combat sport world into an alternate universe. Where he was beating Floyd Mayweather in the first few rounds.

But as the fight wore on, it was Floyd who took control and steered things in the direction he wanted to go. By the tenth, the referee had seen enough and called a stop.

Think about what these two just did. Floyd came out of retirement to fight a guy who had zero professional boxing fights. To make over 300 million dollars! McGregor convinced large portion fans that he could beat the unbeaten. And so ladies and gentlemen, we had a fight which broke many of the records set before.

With McGregor being the first MMA fighter to make over 100 million dollars. Inside a boxing ring. In a fight on paper which should have never been a contest. Was the whole world watching these two playing chess, while everyone else was playing checkers?

Awesome as ever…

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