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Max Holloway vs Ricardo Lamas: UFC 199 Full FIGHT

Max Holloway vs Ricardo Lamas UFC 199

UFC featherweight Max Holloway extended his winning streak to nine fights with his victory over Ricardo Lamas at UFC 199. Holloway now looks to push his streak to double digits and become interim featherweight champion when he faces off against Anthony Pettis at UFC 206 on Dec. 10 live on Pay-Per-View. But before that, we can take a look back at his battle with a hungry Lamas, who was also looking to make his claim for a contender spot.

Outside of a few blips on his records, Max Holloway has looked outstanding on his way to the top of the division. Having suffered his last loss to rising star Conor McGregor three years earlier, Blessed had since been on a tear with many ranking him as the number one contender in the division. And with a win over Lamas, few could deny that he should be next in line for a shot at the champion.

Holloway vs Lamas Full Fight

In a fight that went the full three, five-minute rounds, Holloway stamped his dominance in the early rounds. And while Lamas did have instances where he caught the champion flush. It was Max who pretty much set the pace of the fight, dictating when and where it went.

In the final ten seconds of round three, we were witness to a classic moment in MMA. When both fighters decided to throw down and swing for the fences, missing with the majority of punches. But none the less it was an epic moment in the sport that had the fans on their feet!

Ricardo Lamas who has always been there or thereabouts has already had a shot a Jose Aldo and lost via decision. In a fight in which he was getting his legs absolutely pummeled by Aldo’s Muay Thai kicks. But he was hoping a win over max would get him back into the running for a second stint at the top. So let us take a look at the action which took place at UFC 199 the Forum Inglewood. And how this top-flight featherweight fight played out in real-time.

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