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Max Holloway vs Jose Aldo 2 full fight

Max Holloway Defends Against Jose Aldo UFC 218

The new featherweight champion Max Holloway defends his title against the former champ Jose Aldo Junior. When the pair met at UFC 218 in Detroit Michigan, Jose had lost the title to Max just six months earlier in June of that year. The title which he himself had just taken from Frankie Edgar a year earlier at UFC 200.

Now the long time former long time champion had a second opportunity to try and reclaim his belt. But it was never going to be an easy night against an ever-improving Max Blessed Holloway. Who had already stopped Aldo decisively in the third round of their last fight. How would he fare this time around?

Max Holloway vs Jose Aldo Round One

With both these of these fighters knowing one another so well. It was always going to be a game of inches in determining who would exit the winner. And with a tentative first minute and a half, we can tell neither wants to be the one to make the first mistake.

And it’s Aldo who lands the first decent combination, quickly followed up by his signature brutal low kick. But when compared to their first fight, Jose appears to be taking a more cautious approach to this contest. Taking his time and picking his shots against the new division champion.

That being said, there’s plenty of power in those punches. And mixed in with his crushing leg kicks, this can all add up over time. But the champion is ready and waiting, landing some decent counters and making the Brazilian miss. And it looks like he is enjoying himself, having some fun, while taunting his opponent.

But not to get too far ahead of himself, he needs to be careful. As the former champion catches him with a nice uppercut to end the round.

Round Two

As round two gets underway we can see that Jose Aldo is already breathing quite heavily. Not a good sign when he is in against a fighter who has already beaten him once and not lost in four years. But Jose lets Max know he’s a force to be reckoned with, landing another outside low kick.

And as the round progresses, those kicks from Aldo will no doubt take their toll. But breathing heavy, with more than three rounds still left in this fight. The Brazilian needs to make sure he doesn’t empty the tank before his assault has taken its toll. Because right now Max Holloway looks to be cruising, but all that can change in an instant!

Max is picking his shots and is known for upping the pace as the fight progresses. So right now he has yet to switch up a gear and fully utilise that world-class conditioning for which he is known. And Max knows this all too well as he soon begins to push the pace. Catching some kicks and reversing the momentum of the fight.

Round Three

Round three and now Max Holloway is on the offensive. Picking up the pace he’s now forcing Jose Aldo to fight his fight. And with the former champion now breathing heavy, this is the time in which Max will begin to exert his gameplan. But the Hawaiian needs to check some of these leg kicks.

Aldo is one of the most dangerous fighters in the world. The champion should not underestimate him in any way and needs the keep his wits about him if he is to defend the title. And as the pair get into a slugging match, it’s obvious Jose still has what it takes to end the fight.

But the champion is looking great, taking the best his opponent has to offer and coming back with taunts and measured precise punches. Mixing it up nicely with punches to the head, body, followed by some kicks. Max can do it all and barely breathing as he is, is now looking great.

With Jose falling into the trap, Max is now beginning to pour it on. As the Brazilian looks more and more tired, can he make it through the next minute-plus of the fight? Not with Holloway now in finishing mode. As the champion moves in and continues to land punches.

Jose looks out on his feet and quickly ends up on the ground. With Max almost securing a full mount, he continues to rain down punches on the bloodied and battered former champion. Until referee Herb Dean has seen enough and calls and end to the contest.


86 / 100
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