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Max Holloway – Skill Breakdown / Fight Study / Highlights

Max Holloway Video breakdown

Max Holloway ‘Blessing in Disguise’, Jerome Max Holloway from Waianae, Hawaii, is the current undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion. ‘The Blessed’ one has at just 25 years old has shown the exuberance of a young alpha predator.

The courage of an old warrior and creativity of a sage in his 11 fight win streak culminating Saturday by unifying the ‘in limbo’ 145 lb. UFC title. He has shown, as I plan to display, great strides since his loss to Conor McGregor 4 years ago.

Max trains out of Legacy Muay Thai and Gracie Technics (Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Rylan Lizares and Pedro Sauer) in Honolulu. And also does strength training via Tactical Strength and Conditioning (Darin Yap).

Stylistically he is a scrappy freelance artist similar in some ways to Tony Ferguson (in approach and physical build, Max is a tall 5’11” in the Featherweight division). And his creative, ambidextrous striking can be fundamentally sound at times, and risk-taking. Whirling dervish with the blink of an eye.

Being of Native Hawaiian and Samoan ancestry, he comes from a lineage known for their willingness to fight and “heart”, not often hurt physically or emotionally.

I’d rather leave my typing and explanation in the breakdown, so without further ado……


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