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Mauricio Shogun Rua vs Alistair Overeem 2Pride 33

Mauricio Shogun Rua vs Alistair Overeem Second Coming Pride 33

An experienced Mauricio Shogun Rua fighting out of Chute box Brazil. Takes on an even more experienced Alistair Overeem in a light heavyweight matchup at PRIDE Fighting Championships 33, The Second Coming to America. As we see Overeem fighting at 205 lbs, long before he took a liking to horse meat and hit the heavyweight division of the UFC.

The pair had originally fought back in 2005 at Pride Final Conflict. Where Rua had finished Overeem in spectacular fashion. Now for a second time of asking the Dutchman would try to get back the loss from the Chute Boxe fighter.

In this classic matchup, we get to see more of the Dutch style kickboxing. On which Overeem built his demolition man brand. Watch as him and Shogun Rua go at it in this classic matchup. As the Brazilian shows us why he was considered one of the best Chute Boxe fighters to enter and dominate in Pride FC.

Overeem vs Shogun Round One

With elite-level standup, both fighters bring quite similar styles to the fight. And in the opening exchanges of the fight, we see both fighters using their kicks and punches to get things going. When Rua ends up on the ground, Overeem does not want to go to the ground with the experienced jiu-jitsu fighter.

Keeping it on the feet, both fighters clinch and try to land knees on the inside. Ending up on the ground Shogun tries to isolate the arm of Overeem. But due to the strength of Alistair is unable to sink in a submission. As they get back to their feet they once again exchange punches and almost clumsily end back on the ground.

However, this time Overeem is on his back as Shogun sits in his guard. Then breaking free Rua postures up and breaks his hands free from the clinch of Alistair. Creating some space Shogun avoids the upkicks and set up a huge overhand right that lands square on the face of Overeem. Knocking him out cold and signalling the end of the fight.

Yet another stunning win for Shogun Rua over the talented and experienced Alistair Overeem. And the last time the pair would ever face each other inside the Pride ring.

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