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Mastering Elbow Strike Techniques in MMA: A Comprehensive Guide

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Elbow strikes are some of the most devastating and effective techniques in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights. When executed with precision and timing, they can cause significant damage to opponents, leading to knockouts or fight-ending injuries. In this blog, we will delve into the world of elbow strikes, exploring different types of elbow strikes, their mechanics, and when and how to utilize them effectively in MMA fights.

Understanding the Mechanics of Elbow Strikes

To effectively execute elbow strikes, it is crucial to understand the mechanics behind them. Elbows are sharp, dense bones capable of generating immense power and accuracy. By leveraging the rotational force generated by your body, along with proper positioning and technique, you can deliver devastating blows to your opponents.

Types of Elbow Strikes

a) Vertical Elbow Strike: Also known as the “spike elbow,” this strike involves driving the tip of the elbow straight down onto your opponent’s head or upper body. It is a versatile technique that can be used from various angles and distances.

b) Horizontal Elbow Strike: The horizontal elbow strike involves swinging your elbow horizontally across your opponent’s face or body. It is commonly employed in close-quarters combat or when clinching against the fence.

c) Upward Elbow Strike: This technique involves striking with the elbow in an upward trajectory, targeting the chin or the lower part of the opponent’s face. The upward elbow strike is particularly effective in close-range situations.

d) Spinning Elbow Strike: The spinning elbow strike is a flashy yet devastating technique that requires advanced timing and coordination. By spinning your body and pivoting on your lead foot, you generate tremendous rotational force, enabling you to deliver a powerful elbow strike.

Setting Up Elbow Strikes:

a) Establishing Proper Range: Before attempting an elbow strike, it is crucial to establish the appropriate range. Closing the distance or creating distance based on your opponent’s position and movement can create opportunities for successful elbow strikes.

b) Capitalizing on Clinches: The clinch is a position where you and your opponent are in close proximity, often with your heads and bodies connected. The clinch offers excellent opportunities to utilize elbow strikes, especially vertical and horizontal elbow strikes.

c) Creating Openings: Feints, strikes to other targets, and effective footwork can create openings for elbow strikes. By keeping your opponent guessing and off balance, you can set up devastating elbow strikes.

Techniques for Effective Elbow Strikes

a) Proper Footwork: Good footwork is essential to position yourself for powerful elbow strikes. Proper weight transfer and pivoting on your lead foot help generate rotational force and deliver maximum impact.

b) Hip Rotation and Torque: Generating power for elbow strikes involves engaging your hips and core muscles. By rotating your hips and generating torque, you can amplify the impact of your strikes.

c) Target Selection: Choosing the right targets is crucial for effective elbow strikes. The head, jaw, temple, nose, and body are all viable targets. However, always be mindful of the rules and regulations of the specific MMA organization you are competing in.


Mastering elbow strikes in MMA requires dedication, practice, and an understanding of proper technique. By incorporating various elbow strike techniques into your training regimen and honing your skills through repetition, you can significantly enhance your effectiveness in the cage. However, it is important to remember that safety and respect for your opponent should always be paramount. Always train under the guidance of a qualified instructor and adhere to the rules and regulations of your MMA organization. With time and dedication, you can become a formidable force in the MMA arena, utilizing elbow strikes to your advantage.

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