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Marvelous Marvin Hagler – Breakdown / Skill Study / Highlights


Marvelous Marvin Hagler – Breakdown / Skill Study / Highlights (Influences: Part One). I’m going to start trying some new things for breakdowns, so I want to do a somewhat chronological list of my influences in combat sports and/or martial arts. This is part one of my influence series.

Being ambidextrous, from Massachusetts, and heavily influenced by my father, the first fighter to intrigue me was Marvin Hagler. A born right-handed fighter who was listed often as a southpaw (especially later in his career).

But his seamless switch-stance shifting, the pressure-based style would confuse his opponents (though he fought well moving backwards as well. His trainer Goody Petronelli also had a hand in the “Marvelous” one fighting from both stances, as it was easier to get fights listed as orthodox early in his career.

He had formidable power in both hands, a creative angular sense, and one of the greatest chins in the history of combat sports, never being finished in any of his 67 Professional fights (with an incredible 52 wins by knockout). I’ve heard Joe Rogan cite studies done on Hagler that showed him having an extremely muscular jaw structure.

Which would certainly contribute to his ability to walk through punches. Another “freakish” thing about Hagler oft-overlooked was his 75″ Reach at only 5’9″.

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