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Mark Kerr “The Smashing Machine” Reflects on His Career

Mark Kerr then and now reflects On His Life

Former UFC fighter Mark Kerr was once one of the most feared men in all mixed martial arts. A hulking lump of pure muscle, Kerr walked around at 270 lbs with 5% body fat. With much of his physique being down to the copious amount of illegal steroids, something he talks about here in this in-depth interview at great length.

As well as his use and subsequent addiction to pain killers, which would eventually lead to his career falling apart. He discusses how around the same time as The wonderful documentary The Smashing Machine was being made, his friends were telling him he needed help. But Mark being Mark was at first unwilling to accept that his life was going down the wrong road.

He talks at great length about his slide, going from taking medication to avoid the post-fight pain. To crossing the line and becoming hooked on prescription drugs and alcohol. And how it was those closest to him who would eventually help him fight his biggest ever battle.

Mark Kerr Reflects On His Past Life

Mark brings us back to the halfway house he stayed in while recovering from his addiction. Stressing that these establishments walk a fine line between being a crutch and a tool to help. And it was the people, the mentors at the halfway house, just like in his fighting career. Were those that called him out and aided him in his recovery.

And in terms of time, it was just a year ago that he was sleeping in his own car and trying to get off drugs. Fast forward and today Mark Kerr works as a car salesman. He talks about the differences between being an active fighter and working in a regular job. With 30 years of fighting knowledge in his head, but not having a platform or environment in which to share it.

We find out just how he deals with his past while staying positive and looking forward to the future? It’s a fascinating interview with one of the original mixed martial arts no holds barred fighters that helped to build the sport. Mark Kerr then and now, plus everything in between full interview.

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