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The Smashing Machine Mark Kerr The Final Interview

The Final Sad Mark Kerr Pride FC Interview

In a career that spanned two decades, mixed martial arts pioneer. Heavyweight legend Mark Kerr finally signed off from his Pride Fighting Champions career with a devastating loss to Japanese fighter Yoshihisa Yamamoto. Kerr who had not fought in three years since losing to fellow American Heath Herring with the returning man seemed to be but a shell of his former self.

From the outside looking in Mark neither physically nor mentally looked like the fighter who had struck fear in the heart of so many opponents. Gone was the hulking muscular frame and replacing it and ageing body bruised and battered from the years of accessive steroid and pain medication use.

His fight against Yamamoto was supposed to be his triumphant return to form. As he wanted to show his Japanese fans and the wider world that he still had what it takes to compete at the top of the sport. However, in a shocking turn of events, a catastrophic miscalculation would lead to Kerr knocking himself out when he looked to double leg his opponent to the ground in typical style.

As at 40 seconds into round one his shot and subsequent botched takedown would take him out of the fight. And out of his time fighting under the Pride Fighting champions banner. Following the fight, Kerr would go on to explain what exactly happened to bring such an abrupt ending to the bout.

Little did he know that his time-fighting in Japan had now come to an end. As a career in decline lay ahead, with little to look forward to on the horizon. In hindsight, his post-fight interview offered a poignant moment of reflection. And a clear signal that it was time for the once dominating wrestler to call it quits inside the ropes.

The Smashing Machine

Today of course the story of Mark Kerr and his battle both inside and outside the ropes has become something of infamy in the world of mixed martial arts. And while his fighting life may be forever assigned to the history books. His story will continue to both inform and entertain future generations.

With Hollywood star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson now scheduled to play him in an upcoming blockbuster movie. There can be little doubt that interest will once again peak, as a whole new generation of fight fans are once again reintroduced to The Smashing Machine from Toledo Ohio. And moments such as this final Pride interview will be seen as a definitive fork in his career.

While still believing he had what it took to continue competing at the top. Both his demeanour and the outcome of the fight would tell us a very different story.

With that being said, let’s take a listen to Mark’s final words on the mic before he dropped into the lower tier MMA shows around the world. The once hulking wall of muscle who beat and battered his way through some of the biggest names in the sport. Forever emblazoning his time in the memory of fans and foes worldwide.


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