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Mark Kerr: The Smashing Machine

Mark Kerr Documentary: The Smashing Machine

Before Mixed Martial Arts became a mainstream sport. Before there was huge pay per view cards, thousands of screaming fans and fan paraphernalia, there was Vale Tudo Brazil and Japan. With organisations such as PRIDE Fighting Championships leading the charge, in the almost anything-goes fighting style. Widely regarded as one of the greatest fighting documentaries of all time. The Smashing Machine chronicles the rise and fall of one of the sports earliest and most feared superstars Mark Kerr, aka The Smashing Machine.

This is a fascinating view into the world of combat sports and one of the biggest stars of its’ day. Mark Kerr was a soft-spoken American champion collegiate wrestler who would go on to become one of the biggest names in the world of MMA. The documentary follows him for a critical period in his life and goes behind the scenes during some of his biggest highs and lows in Pride FC.

Outstanding Sports Documentary

One of the true gems amongst sports documentaries of any discipline. The Smashing Machine is a must-watch for any self-respecting MMA fan. Don’t take it from us, if you do not find this one of the most captivating personal stories of an unsung warrior. Then perhaps the world of MMA and its violent past present and future may not be for you.

We go behind the scenes for some of Mark’s biggest battles, both inside the ropes against his opponents. And more importantly, outside, in his fight against prescription painkiller drugs. With unparalleled access, we get to be a fly on the wall as he battles with his alcoholic girlfriend. Whilst at the same time having to balance his own demons and fighting career.

From the highest of highs, winning brutal no holds barred contests to fighting for his own life and sanity. A real rollercoaster of emotions that honestly captures his personal trials and tribulations. And his extraordinary story, going from a man who was not a fighter by trade. But simply someone who turned to a brutal combat sport and made it his very own.

The Rock To Play Mark Kerr

And now with the passage of time, we truly find out just how influential Mark Kerr’s story has been. While he may not have had prolific success in the sport. His personal struggles coupled with the very unique time in the evolution of the sport. All come together to create a captivating and enthralling story.

Now some years later, the announcement that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. Will play the Toledo Ohio native in a movie about his life and career as a mixed martial artist. And having some pretty big boots to fill, Johnson has been bulking up big to take on the roll. As he seeks to replicate the physique and ring presence Mark Kerr brought.

We just hope that the final cut will live up to the original documentary. And that it can capture the essence of what made Mark’s personal so try so special. Why he took the path of combat sports and not the easier road like that of his friends and family.

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