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Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson Full Fight Vicious Walk-Off Knockout

Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson Full Fight

New Zealander Mark Hunt is the former K-1 kickboxing finalist that turned to MMA much later in his career. Known for his devastating knockouts, here we see the full fight with the stoppage against “Big CountryRoy Nelson. This was one of Hunt’s most memorable wins against a fighter who himself has never been knocked out.

But coming in against the Kiwi, Nelson really has his hands full in a battle of the big punchers. And yet again we get to see another example of Hunt’s power inside the octagon. A classic walk-off knockout which he has become so well known for throughout combat sports. And the fight sets him up beautifully for yet another top ten fighters when he steps back into the UFC octagon at UFC Fight Night 52.

Hunt vs Nelson Round One

The two big punchers came out of the gates showing controlled aggression, throwing shots but not over committing. Knowing each others stopping power, neither man was in a rush to get caught coming in. Apart from a few significant exchanges on the feet, no major shots were landed by either man. And while Big Country did make a few takedown attempts, none were successful. Adding to that some good leg kicks, in the first round it was a fairly even battle.

Hunt vs Nelson Knockout

Going into the second round and both fighters now had a good understanding of each other’s tactics. After a quick exchange, Roy Nelson shot in for a takedown which he gets and manages to mount the back of Mark Hunt. But quickly realising he is in danger, Mark slips out the back as Roy drops to the canvas.

With some nice exchanges on the inside, we get to see Hunt’s variety of strikes, as he probes with his uppercut and check left hook. Nelson lands some hard leg kicks, but they don’t seem to bother the former K-1 veteran. Now reading his opponents movements, we can tell Mark is trying to set up his uppercut. A punch he has tried several times but missed.

Then coming up to the three-minute mark, as Nelson once again leans down when coming forward. Hunt throws the right uppercut, catching Roy flush on the chin, sending him face-first to the canvas. As Mark surveys his work, then casually walks away from the stricken Big Country who is knocked out cold.

The “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt faces “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis in the main event next Saturday at Fight Night Auckland. Take a look back as Hunt faces off against “Big Country” Roy Nelson at UFC Fight Night 52. Where the New Zealander ended the fight with a vicious KO, followed by yet another signature walk off.

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