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mark hunt vs Melvin Manhoef Full Fight 2008

Melvin Manhoef Knocks Out Mark Hunt In Epic Shocker

Back at K-1 Dynamite in 2008 heavyweight Mark Hunt was due to face old kickboxing foe, Jerome Le Banner. However, just a few days before the event was due to take place. Due to an illness, Le Banner was forced to pull out of the fight, leaving the promotion looking for an opponent.

In steps welterweight Merciless Melvin Manhoef at extremely short notice. Against a guy who was at the upper end of the heavyweight limit. Giving away in the region of 100 lbs against a fighter who was known for his power and a granite chin. What possible chance could he have?

Well, we later found out exactly how Melvin decided to take the fight he thought he could not win. Going on to explain how his manager had in a way,

‘You know, I was working in a bar, and one of my friends was there with his wife. And this big huge guy touched his wife, her butt and her t-ts. And my friend did nothing. What would you do?’

Manger of Melvin MAnhoef

So Melvin thought about it for a moment before replying; “I said to him, ‘Man! I would really f*** that big guy up if he touched my wife!’

Yeah, that guy is Mark Hunt! So you can fight him.


And with that little bit of wordplay and mind games, Melvin had talked himself into a matchup against Mark Hunt. With both men coming off losses, Hunt against Alistair Overeem and Manhoef against Gegard Mousasi. This fight which was never supposed to happen would signal a return to form for one of the men.

Manhoef vs Hunt Round One

Hunt entered the ring weighing in at roughly 288 pounds, while Melvin somewhere in the region of 170 lbs. And as the pair made their way to the centre of the ring you could instantly tell there was a massive disparity between the two. Hunt in his almost customary blue shorts, with Manhoef in his traditional gladiator style.

As the round got underway Hunt immediately began applying pressure to the much smaller Melvin. Edging him back almost through his sheer mass as Manhoef looked to for a way to deal with the man-mountain slowly making his way toward him.

Melvin on his heels peeled off to his right as Hunt quickly followed with an injection of pace. Throwing a left-right combination Hunt missed every punch. But Melvin was on the money and first back with his own thumping left followed by a crushing right. Sending Hunt to the canvas in a heap.

Quickly following up, Melvin landed another four unanswered blow to Hunt’s head. With the Super Samoan now laying out cold on the canvas. Stopping the massive favourite in just 18 seconds, in a result that literally sent shockwaves, not just through very bone of Mark Hunt’s body. But also through the mixed martial arts world.


81 / 100
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