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Mark Hunt vs Jerome Le Banner

Mark Hunt vs Jerome Le Banner 2001

Heavyweights The Super Samoan Mark Hunt takes on French kickboxing superstar Jerome Le Banner at the 2001 K-1 World Grand Prix Quarter Final match. This is the full fight including entrances for both fighters which in K-1 were awesome. Developed by the same team that brought us Pride FC, the two fighters enter to thunderous applauds, music and an amazing light show.

Le Banner entered the fight as the favourite as Mark Hunt was pretty much an unknown for most people. But it was the man from New Zealand, who would show the world exactly what he could bring to the table at the championships. Two of the biggest hitters in the sport the Frenchman was eager to get Hunt out of there and move on in the competition. But this night was for the Kiwi, as he stopped Le Banner in devastating fashion in one of the biggest upsets in K-1 history.

So let us sit back and enjoy K-1 at it’s very best with two of it’s biggest names put it all on the line. In an all-time classic kickboxing match. Hunt vs Le Banner for the right to move on to the semi-finals and the championship trophy!

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