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Mackenzie Dern Defeats Gabi Garcia World Pro 2015

Mackenzie Dern Beats Gabi Garcia Abu Dhabi

Mackenzie Dern makes history by Defeating Gabi Garcia. in the Abu Dhabi World Pro 2015 Open Class Semi-Finals. Dern was the first woman ever to defeat Garcia in the absolutes. From the off, the weight disparity between the two competitors was instantly obvious. Garcia who had all of the power and size was deducted a point during the match which led to the victory for Dern.

In an unbelievable display of tenacity, Dern very much brought it to the much bigger Garcia. From the very beginning of the fight, Garcia too top position and controlled the much smaller Dern. Mackenzie is consistently dominated and loses her position on several occasions a she looks to find a way through Garcia’s solid defense.

On several occasions, we see Garica quite literally manhandling Mackenzie dern as though she was her baby sister. The power differential between the two is quite shocking when we get to see just how easily Gabi can gain control.

It is a phenomenal match in which we get to see all the attributes that BJJ espouses. Pitting the smaller person again the bigger person and seeing the small er competitor come out on top. BJJ has built it’s brand on this very attribute, so to see it playing out in real-time, between two of the very best in the women’s division really just proves it’s the point.

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