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Lyoto Machida will beat Chris Weidman….

Lyoto Machida, The man to beat Chris Weidman

Now I know if this goes South I’m in for an awful week but I firmly believe that Lyoto Machida will take the belt with somewhat ease…here`s why…

While doing a fallout piece from UFC Machida vs Mousasi, I remarked on how much I would like to see Chris Weidman vs Machida in the near future, and that if such a fight occurred I stated that Machida would win. Now me being an MMA psychic and all I think this was a foretelling of what will be, but if that is not enough I will use some smart Journalism tools(Smoke & Mirrors) to prove my point.

Before we get started a disclaimer of sorts.. MMA is the most unpredictable sport in the World on any given night, and when you throw in two of the very best fighters in the World anything can/will happen. So in case I`m drastically wrong and end up looking foolish(happens all the time), be gentle with me!

Why Machida Will Win

Now why I think Machida will win…Well, he`s the Dragon and Dragons are awesome, except the Dragons in Game Of Thrones who only eat sheep and burn peasants. Machida and Weidman are completely different in styles of fighting but are shockingly similar in approaching a fight. Both fighters use of gameplans is up there with the best in the UFC, Weidman showcased this against Anderson Silva and previously against Mark Munoz, he often states that his plan never changes, he will walk forward and wrestle and pound you into a pulp.

But I believe this is not the whole truth, yes he does do this but it`s the intricate things that make the difference for Weidman, a glaring example of this is checking the kicks Silva that ultimately led to the horror broken leg. Weidman`s camp are smart, confident and very observant and if Lyoto Machida has a weakness you can be sure Weidman knows it..

Now Machida has shown throughout his career that he will follow a game plan, even if it is detrimental to his success, against Phil Davis(a fight I believe he won), he followed his gameplan and never broke Character even when opportunities arose. Normally against a top, top wrestlers Machida has employed movement and counter-striking to get the wins, Weidman is known for walking forward at a slowish pace, so on paper, he is the perfect opponent for Machida.

How the fight will go..

But enough of gameplans, Weidman will march Machida down(probably), engage him and look to press him against the cage and take him down. Simple, reliable and possibly the reason he will lose, Machida will not want to engage Weidman in a clinch so In my “expert” opinion they won’t engage…Simple, Machida is too quick and elusive to be cornered by Weidman and will have drilled for Months and just staying far enough away to pick off the American.

That for me is how this fight will go, Gegard Mousasi could not hurt/touch Machida at middleweight and neither will Chris Weidman.  Machida will keep the distance and use his counter strikes to gain him points, all the way to a unanimous decision win.

Machida`s biggest threat is Weidman`s wrestling but this is nothing new, so far in his UFC  career he has faced 7 of the organisations best wrestlers and only once has he dropped the fight, again that controversial loss to Davis. Henderson, Ortiz, Evans, Bader could not take him down and this gives me confidence that my tendency to state things as if they will DEFINITELY happen, might not blow up in my face.

Silva To Beat Weidman?

Now I didn’t have the same faith in Anderson Silva to beat Weidman as I do in Machida, I still believed Anderson would win(1st Time), but by how I couldn’t tell you, Anderson had created such a mystic that I believed he would win when the evidence showed a different story. Machida unlike Anderson has all the tools to take care of Weidman and he follows his gameplan and doesn’t get caught by the American, this one`s heading to Brazil(California) folks.

Now I am not here to take away from Weidman, it is simply as we often hear in this sport, styles make fights, and I feel this is a terrible match-up for him. Also to leave folks with something to think on, how many believe that if it was Lyoto Machida that had fought Anderson last instead of Weidman, the result would of differed? For me, it would have been two clean KO`s for Machida….

Now not to be always down on Weidman, but as we hear every day in our sport, styles make fights, and this match-up does not suit him. Let me leave ye with a taught, what if had been Machida that fought Anderson  in the last two Middleweight title fights and not Chris Weidman, how would of those fights have turned out? For me, it would of been two clear KO`s for Machida..

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