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Luke Rockhold Confident in Potential Matchup Against Alex Pereira

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Luke Rockhold is exuding confidence in his potential matchup against former champion Alex Pereira. The seasoned 38-year-old, who recently showcased his commentary skills at Karate Combat, discussed the possibility of facing off against “Poatan.”

Rockhold’s self-assurance likely stems from his esteemed grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background, having earned black belts under the tutelage of Leandro Vieira and Dave Camarillo. Notably, he has triumphed in both gi and no-gi world championships, displaying his prowess on the ground. In the realm of MMA, Rockhold has secured an impressive eight out of his 16 victories by way of submission.

When sharing his thoughts on a potential clash with Alex Pereira, Rockhold expressed his unwavering confidence, boldly stating, “I’d take on Pereira any day. Give me just ten seconds on the ground, and I’ll make sure that motherf***er regrets it.”

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This isn’t the first time Rockhold has broached the subject of facing off against Alex Pereira. In a previous interview following his retirement from the UFC, Rockhold mused that Pereira winning a title could ignite a desire for him to make a comeback. He playfully remarked, “That Brazilian dude winning the title. Alex Pereira,…  He’s gonna have every wrestler in the f—ng game just champing at the bit to get that guy. ‘Let’s go, let’s get the free belt!’” 

In the meantime, Alex Pereira is preparing for his debut in the light heavyweight division, where he will face former champion Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291. 

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