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Luke Cummo: Where Are They Now? Episode 5

Luke Cummo Where Are They Now (Russian)

A decade removed from his run in The Ultimate Fighter, Luke Cummo is still remembered as one of the most unlikely finalists in TUF history. As fighters go, Cummo was about as unathletic as you might imagine a non-fighter to be. But breaking into mainstream consciousness via the Ultimate Fighter TV show. And competing for the UFC for the following 3 years, fans still ask whatever happened to that guy?

Well UFC FIGHT PASS caught up with the eccentric former welterweight. To find out what the had been up to since leaving the Ultimate Fighting ranks. With a professional record of:

  • 6 Wins
  • 6 Losses

Cummo went 3 and 3 in the UFC and did lose his first fight to Joe Stevenson. But it was not a total loss and he did impress many in the TUF Finale. So it’s interesting to find out why the East cost fighter decided to pack up shop and walk away. What did he think of his stint on the show and why did he walk away from MMA?

The show catches up with the New York native as he shows us his daily life. What he spends his tie doing now and what he thinks of his past exploits on the TUF show? Luke also talks about what it was like to lose in the final to Stevenson and the effect it had on him and his life.

It’s an all-around insightful look into what happens to fighters once they are thrown to the kerb by the sport. It seems that no one really cares about you once you are done fighting. And for some that is just fine, while for others it can be soul-destroying. Season 2 of “Where Are They Now” drops next Tuesday, August 16th only on UFC FIGHT PASS!

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75 / 100

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