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Lorenzo Fertitta: I wanted to pay fighters $1 million

Lorenzo Fertitta on Wanting to pay fighters $1 million

Former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta responding to criticism. That the UFC promotion is a monopoly and that his fighters were underpaid. He contends that it is an open marketplace and that the fighters on their books are free to look elsewhere for opportunities. True that is how business works, but what about when all the opposition has been bought out and shelved?

The UFC has done an outstanding job of making themselves the only show in town. True that there are alternative MMA promotions, who are all vying for a piece of the pie. But in reality, the UFC has gone about buying up and shutting down any and all other promotions which it has purchased. And they always seem to have a valid argument, on paper at least.

Buying Up The Competition

When they Strikeforce it turned out the rostered fighters were not even on the book, officially. When they bought Pride Fighting Championships in Japan, more unforeseen issues led to the closing of the promotion. The UFC is either one of the unluckiest businesses out there. Or, they were simply buying up the competition to make sure they did not eat into their market share.

Whatever way you look at it, the UFC is by far the biggest MMA promotion in the world. And they have made sure that by buying out and shutting down all major opposition. That they have created a market place where only one company truly reign supreme. Lorenzo Fertitta gives us his thoughts on how he sees what the UFC has done and what he wanted to do. When his company Zuffa LLC originally bought the UFC and began to promote mixed martial arts.

Interesting to get his die of the story, but unsure as to how or even if it will affect how people view Zuffa and the UFC. All in all an interesting interview with one of the main people who helped to grow the sport. While at the same time making untold wealth off the back of its fighters.

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