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Logan Paul Promised to Back Rodney Petersen’s Case Against Nate Diaz

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After a fight on Bourbon Street left Paul’s lookalike, Rodney Petersen, unconscious and bleeding, Logan Paul promised Petersen legal assistance. 

According to what Paul stated on Tuesday’s episode of his Impulsive video podcast, Petersen had already hired a solicitor and was in the process of beginning legal action against Diaz.


“I think he’ll probably be walking away with a pretty healthy check,” Paul said.


Petersen did not immediately respond to a request for comment and a name search for the Paul lookalike and Diaz came up with no matches in the civil court records of Orleans (Louisiana) Parish.

Paul claimed that he was made aware of the incident on the street immediately after a video showing Diaz reportedly choking out Petersen in New Orleans went viral on the internet.


“I just never thought that looking like me would get you fast-tracked to getting guillotined on Bourbon Street by a professional MMA fighter Nate Diaz,” he said.

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During the Misfits Boxing 6 show that Diaz attended, Petersen impersonated Paul, according to Impulsive co-host Jeff Wittek, who added that the two got into a brief water bottle-throwing scuffle. According to Wittek, Petersen refused to provide any further comment due to the current legal action.

After being purportedly strangled out by Diaz, the lookalike reportedly smacked his head on the concrete, resulting in a head cut that required eight staples to mend it, Paul said he reached out to Petersen.

Paul suggested that Petersen was not wholly responsible for approaching Diaz on Bourbon Street, but he made it abundantly clear that the UFC star was in the wrong for his behavior.


“The issue was he was walking toward him, and what you said, you can go from [hands up to punching],” Paul said. “But it’s Nate Diaz, that’s the thing and maybe Nate felt like he was in danger or something.

“But I reached out to the guy, and I was like, ‘This is f***** up,’ like it was actually hard to watch. And I felt bad for him, and he looks like me – we’ve got to protect our kind – and so I offered to fund the lawsuit against Nate Diaz.”

“It turns out the legal team we connected him to is taking the case pro bono because … I would assume they think it’s a takeaway. Like there isn’t really much to say about a professional MMA fighter choked out a civilian with relatively zero combat – no combat excuse,” he added.

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