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The Liver Shot || Breakdown • Skill Builder feat. Bas Rutten, Roy Jones, Aaron Pico

The Liver shot in MMA and Boxing A Skill breakdown

MMA analyst Brendan Dorman is back with yet another key breakdown and this time it’s a liver shot special. A shot popularised in mixed martial arts by MMA legend Bas Rutten. It has since gone on to be one of the key shots played out in the sport by some of the best fighters.

Of course, the liver shot has long been a favourite for many fighters in the realm of boxing. And Brendan gives us his take on some of the very best in the business to utilise this often underutilised fighter stopping shot. He brings us through why the shot is so effective, giving us some classic examples along the way from both MMA and boxing.

The Liver Shot breakdown and skill builder featuring boxing great Roy Jones along with mixed martial arts newcomer Aaron Pico. I’m just trying some new things out for everyone, and haven’t done any type of skill builder in a while. Here’s a favourite of the favourites: The Liver Shot. In the comment section, maybe leave some ideas for the next skill builder. Be specific.

Much love, cheers.

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