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Leonard Ellerbe “It’s taken Floyd a Minute to get Back into Groove!

Leonard Ellerbe Talks Floyd Mayweather preparation

Floyd Mayweather Jnr’s manager Leonard Ellerbe spoke about how Floyd is doing inside the gym. Back in training, it’s only taken him a minute to get back into the groove! Leonard also talks a bit about the actual tour itself. He is asked to compare the differences between the Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour and Pacquaio. The Canelo Alvarez tour and the De La Hoya tour. To which Leonard simply replies that there is no comparison!

He goes on to talk about the fact that none of those guys was doing any trash talking. People talk trash in most sports, you put a mic on a guy and you might be surprised what comes out of his mouth. Giving the example of Michael Jordan, who was known to be a trash talker on the court, but the public never heard it.

Ellerbe goes on to talk about how he doesn’t believe that McGregor is trash-talking, “he’s just being himself”. And that he has never seen anyone doing it before like him at this level. He speaks about how Conor has destroyed fighters before his fight and then also inside the cage.

Leonard goes on say that this is a competitive fight, giving the example of Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao. How was it even possible that Horn was competitive for 12 rounds? No one expected that!

Besides that,  he talks about a nightmare scenario of Floyd breaking his hands. Its happened before in one fight, where he broke one hand. What if it happens again?

Where is Floyd Mentally?

Ellerbe answers the question about where Floyd is mentally going into this fight. Where is he right now as compared to the same time versus Berto? He says that it’s taken Floyd a minute to get back in the groove. But by minute we think what he is actually saying is it’s taken a bit longer than normal. He’s an older fighter now, his body is sorer. He’s been away from the sport for two years remember?

Floyd is a perfectionist! So if his timing is off and he gets caught with a punch in the gym. That’s a bad day in the gym for Floyd says, Ellerbe. And with one shot in boxing, you can get a guy outta there! Being 100% confident that this is his last fight. How he is set for life and he doesn’t need to keep doing this. Roll on August 26th!

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