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Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson Full Fight Broadcast


LEWIS VS. TYSON FULL FIGHT Video and Broadcast

Back in heavyweight boxings heyday which many will agree spanned the 1980’s into the late 1990s. There was one fight which the boxing world who for many years had been clamouring to see. And that was the heavyweight clash between two of the sport’s greats Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson.

Tyson of course had already become an enigma in the sport. The youngest ever heavyweight world champion and one of the most feared fighters to have ever lived. However, his 1992 conviction for rape in the prime of his career would place a black cloud over his trajectory. Leaving many wondering what would have happened had he not ended up in prison.

On the other side of the equation was Canadian born, British Jamaican boxer Lennox Lewis. The reigning WBC, IBF and IBO world champion who with a record of 41 – 2 who in rematches had defeated every opponent he had ever faced.

It was a fight which should have happened several years before, but on the 8th of June 2002, it finally did. And with what can only be described as a chaotic pre-fight build-up. It was obvious from the start that this was to going to be any ordinary boxing match.

With a brawl during breaking out during their pre-fight press conference. To avoid any further issues, both men would weigh in separately.

We also get to hear from Tyson himself just hours before the fight. Along with famed trainer to Lewis Emanuel Steward. Who details how his fighter is feeling and what he needs to do against one, if not the hardest hitters in boxing history.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

And so it begins as the challenger Mike Tyson is the first fighter to make his way to the ring. Adorned by only his signature white towel, the Memphis crowd is here for him. As while Lewis is the champion, he is now in Tyson’s backyard.

And when it comes time for Lennox to make his way to the ring, a chorus of boos awaits the reigning world champion. As he enters the ring, now separated from his opponent by a line of security. Making this fight one of the few times two fighters will not touch gloves before a world title fight.

The Fight Begins

As the bell sounds both fighters go on the immediate attack. With Lewis landing some telling shots, as he looks to already have hurt Tyson. He pours on the shots but ends up in the clinch from which the referee has to break. And we can see from the getgo that Lewis intends to use his size, putting his weight on the smaller man and making him work.

With Mike trying to get inside the jab, its obvious that the size difference and movement of Lewis is causing issues. And like a true veteran, he takes full advantage. As Tyson moves forward, he has now already walked on to several uppercuts.

And Tyson is beginning to get predictable, lunging forward and telegraphing his punches. With his corner between rounds now telling him to start making it an ugly fight. In contrast to the corner of Lewis, where they believe he is winning the contest, in style.

As Mike waits on the outside, Lennox is consistently landing his jab. Keeping the former champion at bay and raking up those all-important points. But Mike is still dangerous, landing his best punch of the fight in the third round. With Lewis taking it well and continuing to lean on Tyson when they lock up.

But it’s the fourth round before we see the first major incident. With Lewis holding Tyson down before landing a blow that sends him to the canvas. However, the referee decides that it is an illegal blow and deductions a point.

In the fifth and Tyson is starting to look bloodied up. With Lewis landing an illegal punch, the dazed Tyson seems to not have his wits about him. He’s getting lit up by the jab and cannot seem to get into the fight. As more and more it looks like Lewis is pulling away.

The Closing Rounds

And the sixth round definitely looks like its all Lewis. As the champion peppers Tyson who at this point seems all out of ideas. And while still managing to land some flurries, its Lennox who is now in the driving seat.

As round seven rolls in Mike is looking jaded and confused. On the receiving end of constant jabs, his face is no bloodied and his eyes swollen. Lewis is now dictating the fight as Tyson looks on the edge of defeat.

And with more of the same in the eight, Lennox continues to pour on the pressure. As Mike Tyson looks dismayed and dejected, but still on his feet. Lewis lands a huge uppercut which takes the legs from under Tyson.

Following up with some more solid shots, Lennox catches Mike with a huge right-hand flush on the chin. Sending the former champion to the ground and out for the count.

A fight which should have happened many years before, when both men were in their prime. Who knows if the result would have been any different. But none the less, still an iconic fight in the sport of boxing.

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