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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Leg Kicks in MMA: Breakdown / Film Study / Highlights

Leg Kicks in MMA Film Study & Highlights

MMA analyst and coach Brendan Dorman brings us through a leg kicks journey. As he analyses some of the very best in the sport to ever do it. From the former undisputed featherweight king Jose Aldo Junior. To other fellow Brazilians such as lightweight contender Edson Barboza, Belgium welterweight Tarec Saffedine and more. Some fighters are known especially for their outstanding kicking game.

Kicks, as you most probably know, can be far more damaging during a fight than hands. And when used properly, an especially talented kicker can control the entire fight. We have sen this time and time again, where the opponent’s entire gameplan is shut down by a superior kicking game. Where once a strong intelligent fighter once stood, lays a broken defeated opponent.

And this style of fighting has carried many top fighters to success throughout their time inside the ring and cage. So let us sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour as some of the very best strikers in the world, show us how they get those TKO and KO stoppages.

DISCLAIMER: There are many great “leg kickers” I am leaving off of the list because of their style of kicking low. No Edson Barboza, Jose Aldo, Tarec Saffiedine etc.

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