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Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward 1 2016 Full Fight

Kovalev vs. Ward 1 Full Fight HBO Boxing

Last November, Andre Ward won in a much-debated unanimous points decision win. Against the reigning 175 pound champion Sergey Kovalev, in the most anticipated fight of 2016. In a fight Kovalev was winning for the first few rounds. Ward came back to clinch a points win and dethrone the champion. And it was not a result without controversy, as many people had the Russian winning on points.

And with that, there were calls for a rematch between the two champions. As Sergey Kovalev himself that the was hard done by in the fight. Believing that the judge gifted the returning American the fight on home soil. They face off once again as the second fight takes place this Saturday, June 17th 2017. Will Kovalev get his revenge when the two-pound for pound fighters once again stand toe to toe in Las Vegas Nevada?

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