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KHAMZAT CHIMAEV Breakdown With Brendan Dorman

There is a new face in the middleweight division of the UFC, who some are referring to as the Swedish Khabib. Khamzat Chimaev was originally born in Chechnya Russia and now lives in Stockholm Sweden. Training out of All-Stars gym which has developed some of the biggest names to come out of the Nordic country.

MMA analyst Brendan Dorman hits us up with his take on what the developing wrestler turned MMA fighter brings to the table. With a record of 7-0 and one win in the UFC to date. How will he progress in the 185 lb division, where high-level wrestlers are comparatively thin on the ground.

Chimaev plied his trade on the mats back in his home country of Chechnya. Where he first took to the mats at the age of just one-year-old. Although it would be a full four years later before he would begin to compete, slacker. He competed throughout his youth before arriving in Sweden where he would once again reengage with the sport.

In terms of how he may or may not fare in the shark tank that is the UFC middleweight division. Brendan Dorman says:

“Borz”, the Chechen-born (ahhhh the wrestling part) Swede’s grappling is very good but I’m going to be reluctant until he fights a 185 er that has an idea on the ground.


But from what we can tell from his career to date. He is not just a wrestler who like to put his opponents away by eeking out wins on points.

Chimaev has won all of his bouts by stoppage (4 KOs, 3 Submissions) and has seemingly matched up well with a variety of opposition during this streak, including a Combat Sambo champion and Georgia State champion wrestler.


So as he rises through the ranks and we get to see more from the Chechen Swedish wrestler. will in indeed turn out to be Sweden’s answer to the Dagestan mauler? Only time will tell! But for now, we should be content with another deep dive by Mr Dorman. What he sees and where this journey might take us.

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