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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

(Preview) Khabib vs. Dustin || A Brendan Dorman Film Study ᴴᴰ

In last night’s fight many questions were answered, and while I want to bash commentary again I think my work is done there for now. The fight had so many amazing moments, mostly admittedly from the now 28-0 Nurmagomedov.

I wanted to do a little preview, as this study will take some time to edit if I approach it from a very advanced mindset and skip the lame nonsense you may get elsewhere about “he punches like really hard” or whatever other people say.

SOOO…..if this gets good public reception, then I can do it here, or if I get enough new Patreon’s here — https://www.patreon.com/brendandormanmma
then I can do it ASAP as it’s all lined up, but because it was a PPV etc. I’m not trying to F with my good standing with YouTube right now.

Luke Thomas (maybe Dominick?) mentioned the switch reversal, I had to beat him to the punch (though I like Luke, more of a friendly gesture) and at least cover how Khabib does it as I’ve seen it on the mats so I’ll at least cover up to the part here. Much more in store peeps. Love ya all, cheers!!!

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