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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Michael Johnson Full Fight UFC 209



Let’s rewatch Khabib Nurmagomedov in a dominant performance over fellow top lightweight Michael Johnson at UFC 205. His win earned him an interim lightweight title shot against “El Cucuy” Tony Ferguson at UFC 209 on March 4th, live from las Vegas Nevada. In a fight, many fans are more intrigued by than the main event of Woodley vs Thompson rematch.

Ferguson and Khabib have been playing footsie now in what seems like forever. In a fight that should have happened again and again. The Eagle staked his claim to the number one slot as he continued his dominance at 155 lbs. And now has his eyes firmly set on the UFC title.

With many saying it is just a matter of time before the man from Dagestan finally gets his hands on UFC gold. It really is just down to Ferguson to stop his inevitable charge to the top. And with 24 straight victories under his belt, who would bet against the Russian to claim that top spot?

As one of the most feared men not just in the division, but in the entire sport. Nurmagomedov has torn through all challengers, making light work of most. While in most peoples eyes, never being fully tested. Is Tony Ferguson the guy to do it, well we just do not know for sure.

Khabib vs Johnson Round One

In this fight with Michael Johnson, Khabib faces a striker wit ha good wrestling base. And in the opening minutes, we can see Johnson’s fast hands in effect as he lands a right hand and wobbles Nurmagomedov. As Khabib recovers he shoots in and gets a takedown against the cage. From here he traps the right arm of Johnson and continues to relentlessly land punches until the buzzer sounds.

Into round two both fighters exchange blows, with Johnson then stuffing a takedown attempt. But it’s not long before Khabib is once again on top, where he gets Michael in a crucifix position and rains down punches. At this point, Johnson is just trying to defend himself from some brutal ground and pound. But Khabib is in full control of both his right arm and body, with nowhere left to go.

Between rounds, Khabib tells Dana White that;

“I’m going to smash your boy”

Referring to lightweight superstar Conor McGregor, but right now he has another fighter to deal with.

The Final Round

And into round three we go, with more of the same as Khabib gets Michael down again and continues to land punches and elbows. Then as Johnson tries to escape, Khabib gets him into a Kimura and forces the tap. Ending what was a show of pure brutality and dominance from the Sambo World champion.

El Cucuy certainly has all the tools, more than almost anyone else in the division, making him the biggest threat in the division. Can he put it all together to hand Khabib Nurmagomedov the first loss of his career?

But right here and right now we can get to see him against Michael Johnson. As he looks to continue his rich vein of form and complete his run the UFC strap. It’s Khabib Time, all aboard the train, it is not stopping for anyone.

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