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Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano Full Fight

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano Madison Square Garden

In the highly anticipated women’s undisputed world lightweight title featuring Ireland’s Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano. Taylor the lightweight champion of the world facing Serrano, the world featherweight champion. In the first-ever female headline fight at the famed Madison Square Garden in New York City.

One of the most anticipated fights in recent times saw a packed Garden play host to this historic fight. With the world’s number two Puerto Rican American boxer Serrano looking to dethrone the queen of Irish boxing.

The Fight Begins

With a pretty even opening round the pair went through an almost ceremonial feeling out period. With some solid shots by Taylor to liven things up. The pair begin to heat up as they both begin to land more consistently. With a lovely stiff left by Taylor to let Serrano know she is in a fight.

But Amanda Serrano is no pushover and known for her power shots. And with that, she lands a hard left hook which catches Taylor flush on the right eyebrow, as swelling begins to take hold. And it’s this hard body and headshot that are putting her ahead on some judge’s scorecards.

With Katie Taylor peppering with some precision combinations. Its power ve precision in this best of the best ladies matchup. As Serrano continues to have success with her jab, Tayor is looking somewhat winded. And now sporting a cut over that left eye.

Round five and both women come out throwing bombs. Landing some equally hard shot Serrano back Taylor into the corner and begins to unload, body head, head body! As Katie replies with her own fast combinations, she is taking damage and looks shaken.

Katie Taylor looks bloodied and bruised

And coming out in the sixth, Taylor still doesn’t look right. She appears to still be suffering from the last series of blows and Serrano is once again coming on strong. As Katie tries to recoup and land some snapping pot shots, Amanda keeps pushing forward and landing. Katie Taylor looks bloodied and bruised and could well be on her way to losing this fight.

But it’s into round eight and Katie looks to be backfiring on all cylinders. She is once again hitting and moving, not standing and taking everything Serrano has to give. Her footwork seems to be working again and she is once again back in the fight.

Amanda keeps pressing forward, but Taylor is using that footwork to stick and move. She seems to have gotten her second wind while Amanda appears to be chasing her around the ring. It’s anyone’s fight as those commentator scorecards are telling us two different stories.

Going into the final round and both women are looking to go out with a bang. Throwing with some reckless abandonment Serrano keeps pressing forward. And now with a cut over her left eye, both women throw caution to the wind and go toe to toe in the middle of the ring.

With both women looking to go out on their shields. Taylor and Serrano throw everything they have in the last few seconds of the fight. And what a show as they land multiple punches in the last few moments. The crowd are on their feet as this epic night of women’s boxing comes to an end.

Now with the judges to make their final decision, it’s anyone’s fight. With no clear cut winner, one judge has it for Serrano and one for Taylor. As the final judge’s score is called it’s for the fighter from Bray County Wicklow as Katie Taylor is once again confirmed as the lightweight champion of the world.

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