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Interview with Karim Gajji Current Bellator KB Champion

Karim Gajji Current Bellator KB Champion Interview

During the week I caught up with Bellator KB Champion Karim Gajji. Who defends his Welterweight crown against Zoltan Laszak in the main event of Bellator KB3 tonight in Hungary. See what Karim has to say on his preparation for the fight. Making the move to MMA, how he feels headlining Bellator KB3 and what makes him different from his opponents.

Q: How has preparation gone for your World Title defence against Zoltan Laszak this Saturday at Bellator KB3?

A: My preparation was done as usual, with hard workouts so I can be the most effective in the ring.

Q: How do you see the fight going, what parts of Zoltan’s game have you focused on the most?

A: Zoltan is a technical fighter who uses his legs well, there was much work done in the gym. We are confident.

Q: How excited are you to be in the main event defending your title on such a big card for Bellator KB?

A: It is an honour to be in the main event of this event and this is the result of a lot of sacrifices, so I am very happy.

Q: What holes have you seen in Zoltans game that you will look to exploit this Saturday?

A: I do not know him but I respect his career, I’ll find out Saturday when we fight.

Q: What makes you the fighter you are and separates you from the other fighters in the Welterweight division?

A: What makes me different is that I manage to overcome insurmountable obstacle’s. I never give up.

Q: You have accomplished so much in your career, but at 35 is there anything else you would like to accomplish in the sport before you hang up the gloves?

A: Yes I would like to have an MMA fight and prove to the fans, I am a real complete fighter.

Q: France is not far from Hungary only a train journey in fact. Do you expect your French fans to travel in large numbers to support you this weekend?

A: I have great fans who fly to Hungary to come and support me, I thank them because their motivation spurs me on physically.

Q: Should you get through this Saturday still holding your title, who would you like to face next?

A: I have no one in sight, I train very hard and I am ready to defend my title against anyone. But they better be prepared.

By Cathal Jennings.

T: twitter.com/MMAmicks

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