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Justin Gaethje vs. Luis Palomino Lightweight Title | WSOF 19


As fans of the UFC, we can often get self-absorbed about the fights which take place and how the level of most other promotions doesn’t come near. True in many cases, but at the same time there have been some absolute cracking fights which have taken place in the lower tier promotions which feed into the UFC. A case in point being Justin Gaethje vs Luis Palomino.

Taking place on March 28th, 2015. The Baboon Palomino challenged Gaethje for his lightweight world title at WSOF 19. Now Luis was somewhat of an unknown quantity to fans. But having two fights and two knockouts with the promotion, matchmakers thought putting him in against the undefeated Gaethje could make for a good fight. And how right they were!

As the game challenger looked to make the very most of his opportunity and take a championship title. In a fight where he was the underdog, against the reigning and gritty undefeated champion Gaethje.

Gaethje vs Palomino Round One

In what can be described as a tornado meeting two Tasmanian devils head-on. The first round of the fight opened up from the very start with both men seemingly going for broke. With fists flying Gaethje and Palomino set a furious pace in one of the craziest first rounds ever seen in MMA.

Throwing everything possible from flying knees to slams, spinning elbows plus ground and pound. Every second of the round had some action. With Gaethje throwing his trademark low kicks, Luis answered back with some nice punches, on several occasion catching the champion. Then with a slam, Justin brought the challenger down to the mat, with some follow up shots that didn’t do much damage.

With the pair throwing everything they had into their punches, they soon begin to tire. But not so much that they don’t still have enough explosiveness to take the other guy out. Working in close against the cage, the pair clinched and used some dirty boxing. Which lead to catching Palomino in a rear-naked choke Gaethje uses to take him down.

From the ground, they popped back up with Justin landing a left high kick that sent Luis staggering backwards. Stunned but not out, he fired back with an overhand right that sent Gaethje’s mouthpiece flying out. Something which paused the action temporarily, before they are back at it throwing leather. With another explosive exchange and a crazy cartwheel kick from the champion to end the round.

Round Two

Round two picks up where the first round dropped us off, as the two once again begin throwing heavy leather. Palomino lands a nice low kick, while Gaethje misses with some wild swinging punches. And with Luis now pouring it on the champion, who begins to bleed from his forehead.

With that Gaethje gets it to the canvas and tries to pile on some ground and pound. But Palomino is a seasoned veteran and is quickly back to his feet, separating and once again engaging. As the pair once again lands some bombs on one another, with both taking a lot of punishment. As the champion consistently landing his favourite low kick.

Round Three

Still setting a furious pace in the third. Luis Palomino starts landing more low kicks, as Gaethje walks forward taking the best of his shots. The two keep going back and forth in a rock em sock em still battle that has the whole crowd on its feet. With a high kick blocked by Palomino, you can tell Justin’s the low kicks have been effective.

As a bloodied up Luis looks to fight off a pressuring Gaethje. They continue to exchange on the feet with some heavy-handed punches and kicks. With Gaethje landing a low kick that sends Palomino to the canvas. Getting back on his feet, Justin then follows up with a flying knee and another low kick to the leg.

And it’s enough to once again send Luis Palomino to the ground. Where the champion follows up with hammer fists to finally bring an end to one of the best MMA title fights to ever take place inside a cage.


79 / 100
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