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Justin Gaethje “The Highlight” Best OF In HD

Justin Gaethje The Best OF The Highlight

So how much do you know about Justin Gaethje? Are you a fan of World Series of Fighting. WSOF is by all account quite a small, quality promotion. With k1 veteran and kickboxing legend, Ray Sefo at its helm we wouldn’t expect anything less. So this kid, Gaethje, he’s been their star for some time now.

Going back to 2013, he entered the promotion with both an unblemished amateur and professional career. It’s something he has managed to maintain throughout his tenure with the organisation. Quickly rising through the ranks to claim their lightweight title.

Justin Gaethje Signs With The UFC

Roll on 2017 and Gaethje signs with the UFC. The ultimate testing ground for the World’s elites. And somewhere The Highlight felt he belonged. Training since the age of four. He recently commented saying that “in hindsight, I was always going to end up here.” Well here he is and he now finds himself in his first test against UFC veteran The Menace Michael Johnson. Johnson feels as though he’s been offered up as the “easy fight” to welcome the WSOF champ. So with his back to the wall, he’s going for broke.

Can Gaethje make an immediate impact in the UFC, or like so many others will he fall at the first hurdle. It’s a fascinating scenario to watch as The Highlight is finally introduced to the mainstream UFC fanbase. So now it is up to him as to whether he will be able to deliver on his promises.

So let us take a closer look at the fighter who he’ll be facing in the main event. On July 7th in Las Vegas at the Ultimate Fighter 25 Finale. Lets’ see how Gaethje does in the shark tank that is the UFC. All eyes on the new guy in a shark-infested lightweight division.

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