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Josh “Pretty Boy” Kelly || Breakdown • Skill Study • Highlights •

Josk Kelly Skill Study And Breakdown

While a nickname like “Pretty Boy” is certainly subjective, and perhaps overused, Josh Kelly is more aptly described as a “Chameleon” to my eyes. Many are calling him the British Lomachenko, and being from the UK, of course, the Prince Naseem comparisons will be there due to his flashy defence, and episodic bursts of speed.

For my money, he is a bit of both but likely an avid film student, drawing from many all-time greats from Willie Pep, Nicolino Locche and Sugar Ray Leonard to Pernell Whitaker and Roy Jones Jr. (via his own accord).

Obviously at 24 years old with 6 professional fights all prior comparisons are lofty. But will be used throughout the film study to demonstrate that like so many others. Josh Kelly has drawn on skill sets of yesteryear to mold what he currently brings to the ring.

A former Olympian, and rising star at welterweight (greater than 63.5 kg (140 lb), but no more than 66.7 kg (147 lb)). He has the tools for greatness if he remains disciplined and confident without buying too much stock in his own hype.

Enough boring, let’s talk technique!

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