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Joseph Duffy Highlights & Finishes by Micks


Joseph Duffy Highlight Reel Footage by Micks

Joseph Duffy is one of the brightest rising stars in the sport of mixed martial arts. With a current record of 13 – 1, Duffy set out his stall competing on the British and Irish circuits. Going undefeated in both his amateur and professional careers between 2005 – 2011. Before suffering his first ever loss to Ivan Musardo at Cage Warriors 44, adding to that a broken hand in the process. It was around this time that the man from Donegal decided to step away mma and focus on the sport of boxing.

Duffy would again find success, amassing a record of seven wins out of seven bouts. Before deciding to once again return to his first love, mma. On August 16th 2014 he faced Frenchman Damien Lapilus at Cage Warriors 70 in the Helix Dublin. It was just shy of three years since Duffy’s last time inside the cage and it was anyone’s guess as to how he would perform.  But the man from Burtonport didn’t disappoint. Stalking Lapilus for the entire fight it went to a third before Duffy took his back and sank in a beautiful rear naked choke. He was back! But being quite the perfectionist, he wasn’t ecstatic about his performance and promised his fans to be even better next time around.

Three months later and he would be back in action at CW74 and once again facing another Frenchman in Julien Boussuge. Determined to go for the emphatic win, at 0:36 into the first, Duffy landed a shattering knee as Boussuge went to shoot. The Frenchman was out cold before hitting the canvas and Joseph Duffy was the very proud owner of one of the best knockouts seen anywhere in the world that year.

Just two fights back into his mma career and the UFC weren’t long in signing the finisher. With the huge push taking place, the fighting Irish were making big inroads on the promotions rosters. Duffy seemed an obvious choice to add the ranks and proved himself worthy when he faced Jake Lindsey at UFC 185. Almost instantly you could tell Lindsey was in for a bad night as Duffy peppered “The Librarian” with an array of shots.  Just over a minute into round 1 and Duffy landed a head kick which rocked Lindsey. Finishing him off with a combination of head and body punches. Joseph Duffy had now officially landed in the UFC and the mainstream psyche. Here are just some of his highlights to enjoy.

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