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Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar 2 Full Fight UFC 200


The former featherweight champion Jose Aldo seeks to regain his title for a second time against Frankie Edgar. And it was always going to be a tough prospect for The Answer who while having once held the UFC lightweight title. Seemed unable to get over the hump that was Jose Aldo at featherweight.

And this would be Aldo’s first fight back since losing his title in dramatic fashion to Conor McGregor at UFC 194. A crushing loss following eighteen straight wins over a ten years period. Many believed the loss may very well be too much for the Brazilian to overcome.

Yet here he was a year later, once again in the mix for the division interim belt. How would he deal with Edgar in his first fight back? would he still have the killer instinct that made him one of the most feared fighters to ever grace the octagon?

Or would he wilt following the under the pressure following the loss to the new 145 lb champion Conor McGregor?

Aldo vs Edgar Round One

And from the bell, we see Edgar’s distinctive style in play. Constantly moving, constantly feinting, but would it be enough to throw the man who has already beat him once before? As Frankie probed for openings, Jose kept his distance while gauging his attacks.

Rarely making the first move, Aldo stalked Frankie who is constantly on his bike. Never settling for a second, making himself a difficult target to hit. With Frankie being the more active of the two, most of the first round is spent testing the waters. It wouldn’t be until the end of the round before we would see a significant exchange.

Round Two

Round two and both fighters now begin to settle into the fight more. Jose Aldo appears more content to go on the attack more. Landing some solid shot and catching Frankie with a nice knee to the midsection. Edgar replies with some nice kicks, but nothing which seems to catch or phase the former champion.

Frankie tries for several takedown’s, but Jose is able to brush them off. As it now appears that Edgar is bleeding from a cut over his right eye. And with some solid exchanges between the pair. It’s obvious that things are beginning to heat up.

Round Three

Frankie Edgar is mixing things up nicely, coming in with high volumes of punches and kicks. Keeping Jose on the back foot, but at the same time not scoring too heavily. And it is Aldo who seems to have the answer on this occasion. Repeatedly stuffing the takedown attempts of the former lightweight champion.

With Frankie Edgar being the main aggressor, yet still scoring minimally. What else does he have to offer against an opponent who has yet to show his cards? Appearing to be happy for Frankie to do all the work, while he picks his opportunities.

Round Four

Into the fourth round of the fight and Edgar is still pushing forward. But his aggression sometimes looks like that of a fighter who is trying really hard but getting very little reward. With Aldo seemingly happy to let him keep trying his best. While he waits for the perfect opportunity to counter.

But now we begin to see the tables turn as Jose begins to up the pressure from his side. Seemingly not content to sit back, he begins to pressure Jose. Landing some hard shots and now putting Frankie on his back heels. And with Edgar having already used every tool in his arsenal, what does he now has left?

Jose appears to now be in control of this fight. With Frankie Edgar looking battered and bloodied. Just as Edgar tries to land a kick, Aldo catches his opponent with a lovely straight left, sitting him on the ground.

The Final round

Into the fifth and final round and it’s now Jose Aldo’s fight to lose. As the former champion looks to now be in charge. Frankie looks out of ideas and it appears that he will befall the same fate as in their first fight. With the former division champion always seeming to be one step ahead.

As an air of deja vu descends over the octagon. It’s Aldo who will once again get the gold belt strapped around his waist. And Frankie will be making that journey home, once again on the losing side.


86 / 100
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