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Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes 2 Full FIGHT UFC 179

Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes 2 Full Fight

Let’s watch the reigning defending featherweight king Jose Aldo. As he defends his belt in a rematch with Chad Mendes from UFC 179. In a rerun of their original matchup, Mendes looks to take out the Champion from team Nova Uniao Rio. Chad struggled in their first bout, suffering a brutal finish via knee to the face. This time around he seeks to put his money where his mouth is and dethrone one of the pound for pound greatest fighters in the sport.

Next up, don’t miss Aldo’s attempt to defend his belt against Max Holloway at UFC 212. But right here, right now, we will focus on this toughly contested fight at 145 lbs. In what was a real back and forth battle, with both fighters bringing it to one another in their second fight inside the UFC octagon.

Mendes was determined not to make the same mistakes he made in their first fight. When he was caught out of the blue and knocked out cold. While the champion Jose Aldo is in no mood to lose his championship in front of a home crowd.

Aldo vs Mendes Round One

In an awesome featherweight bout, the American brought it to Aldo. As the Brazilian was forced on to his back foot on several occasions. With Chad putting Jose on his backside early in the first. The champion managed to get into his stride later in the round, securing a takedown, but not doing much damage. It was the very end of the round when Aldo landed two hard punches after the buzzer, knocking back the American.

Into round two and as Jose is pushing Mendes off, he throws a knee catching Aldo in the family jewels. Back to the action and Aldo lands a sweeping kick that sends Mendes to the floor. Chad is now trying to avoid the stinging leg kicks from the champion which are a key to his game.

Round three and Chad Mendes comes out swinging, but in the process pokes the champion in the eye. As the fight resumes, Chad rocks the champion sending him backwards. But as he follows up, Jose lands his own combination sending Chad to the canvas, where he tries to land punches. Mendes escapes and the fight continues on the feet.

Round Four and the pair go toe to toe with some crazy exchanges. Aldo is now bleeding from his left eye, having suffered more damage than any of his previous title defences. Even with an accidental headbutt, the fight continues as both fighters give it everything they have.

The Final Round

Early in the final round and Mendes gets a takedown but is unable to make much of it. Pushing him off Jose replies with his very own and mages to get side control. Aldo then rocks Chad with a right hand to which Mendes replies with a straight left staggering the champion. In the final moments, both men fire off some hard shots leaving everything in the cage.

Chad Mendes tested every aspect of the champions game, even his wrestling, but Jose Aldo was not found wanting in any department. With the two fighters in supreme condition, nether was going to wilt under the unrelenting pressure.

And in what was a pretty evenly contested fight, Jose was the fighter who appeared to just nip the fight on points and in the end remained the champion. While Mendes had to return to Sacramento with the second place trophy yet again. Whether or not we see these two square off again in the future will be decided by how the featherweight division pans out down the road.

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