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Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor Training Highlights Part 2g

Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor Training Part 2

This isn’t anything fancy, just a couple of footnotes throughout in regards the two athletes approach (seemingly). To their training leading up to what I think is the fight of the decade.

The Jose Aldo “old-school” vs. Conor McGregor’s “new-school” is certainly interesting, and I change my mind frequently on how an athlete should approach sparring etc. leading up to a fight. There aren’t many “absolutes” in MMA, and this is no exception, but an interesting thing to examine.

Is one way better than the other? Does it just vary, depending on the given athlete? So many questions, very few answers until December. Hopefully, this gets you a little more fired up (if possible) and keeps you all somewhat at bay while I put together part 3, which was slated to be grappling.

But after Conor’s fight with Chad Mendes may be worth scrapping. Instead, I may do a categorical breakdown…..but I’m open to suggestion.

While Jose Aldo has looked unstoppable for almost a decade. In Conor McGregor, he faces a very different type of opponent. Someone who is not afraid to put the champion on the back foot.

And someone who has shown no respect for what the Brazilian has achieved in the sport. And as Jos prepares to face the Irishman to defend his featherweight crown. Many questions will finally be answered when the two meet inside the UFC octagon.

Enjoy, cheers!

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