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Jose Aldo loss to Luciano Azevedo Video

Jose Aldo vs Luciano Azevedo Full Fight

Ever wondered what it would be like to see Jose Aldo lose a fight? Well, wonder no more! Here is his fight against Brazilian MMA fighter Luciano Azevedo, the only blemish in his almost perfect professional fighting career. Azevedo went on to have a far more chequered career than the long-reigning UFC champ. It’s a loss Aldo will probably never get to avenge due to this fact. Unless of course, the two meet by chance some night in Rio, however, no tickets will be on sale if that did ever happen.

So for now, marvel as Luciano puts the skids on Aldo’s unbeaten run, in a really great fight. Both men entered this fight with seven fights on their records, with Azevedo having lost two. So this was the very first loss Aldo ever experienced. And while that is being said, you can also see the potential in the young up and coming, future world champion.

Aldo vs Azevedo Fight End

While the first round was pretty evenly matched, it would be the second before Luciano began to take control. Gaining back position the fight was reset to the centre of the ring. Where Azevedo continued to work from the back, but was being stalled by Jose. However, it wasn’t long before he was able to sink his arm under the chin. Sinking the submission deeper and deeper until Jose was forced to tap.

Following the fight, it would be a further three years before Jose Aldo would join the WEC and become their undisputed bantamweight champion. then a further three before he would explode on to the world stage, going on to capture the UFC world title. So let us watch back over this now-classic loss on the career of one of the sports pound for pound fighters. Before he would go on a ten year, eighteen fight win streak!

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