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Jose Aldo and the featherweight division`s past and future

Jose Aldo And the UFC featherweight division

The UFC featherweight division could be in for a nasty shock as long time king Jose Aldo is finally in the process of making his long-awaited move up a division to lightweight.

Aldo has long stated that a lightweight move was in his future and with a growing feud with lightweight champ Anthony Pettis the “superfight” looks just around the corner. Dana White, Aldo and Pettis have all indicated they want the fight to occur so it seems all that is left to figure out are the logistics.

The featherweight division has only ever had one champion since it`s instalment in 2011. Jose Aldo is 6 – 0 in title defences, an amazing statistic when looking at who he has faced, all top contenders in their own right but facing arguably the P4P best fighter on the planet they have all failed to solve the conundrum that is Aldo. Jose brought with him from the WEC knockout power in both hands, brutal leg kicks,

(I use the word brutal because it is the only word to describe Aldo`s most powerful weapon) and speed, speed in every aspect of the word, hand speed, footwork, and covering ground, in the blink of an eye Aldo can overwhelm his opponent with devastating strikes all due to his speed, he also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a skill he rarely uses due to his success standing.

It Looked Like  a Murders Row

The Featherweight top 10 looked like a murderer’s row before Aldo had his way with them, taking care of Chad Mendes, Frankie Edgar and Ricardo Lamas to name but a few. Not only beating these contenders but doing so without ever being put in danger makes the fact all the more astonishing.

Chad Mendes, for example, was 11 – 0 when he faced Aldo bringing with him elite-level wrestling and knockout power but Jose got him out of there in 1 round, 4. 59 seconds exactly to be precise.

Aldo`s toughest test came in the shape of Frankie Edgar, a long-time member of the pound for pound list and former lightweight champion. Edgar lost two razor-thin decisions to Ben Henderson which seems to be the “In” thing at the moment before facing Jose. What ensued was another razor-thin loss for Edgar and a W for Aldo. Even though the fight was close never in the fight was Aldo in trouble something we have yet to see in the UFC.

Aldo recently took care of The Korean Zombie and Ricardo Lamas two fighters near the top of the division and he did this with such apparent ease it leads one to question the state of the division if his proposed move to lightweight becomes a reality.

With Aldo gone the main players at featherweight would seem to be, Dustin Poirer, Chad Mendes, Cub Swanson and perhaps Frankie Edgar after his bout with the returning BJ Penn. A likely scenario is that two contenders out of the 4 mentioned would square off for the belt, with a possible outcome a Mendes vs Swanson/Poirer fight.

The division would see a radical change and this is nothing but good news for Irish Star Conor McGregor who is the rising phenom at 145. With the division lacking a headline grabber such as McGregor, it is not outside the realms of possibilities that UFC higher powers would fast track the Dublin man.

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