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Jorge Masvidal Stars in Miami Hustle Episode 1

Jorge Masvidal Miami Hustle Episode One

As his stock continues to rise we take a look at Gamebred fighter Jorge Masvidal stars in Miami Hustle. An online fly on the wall documentary series, by Genghis Con films. Based, yes you guessed it, on the tough streets of Miami Florida. In Episode 1 begins with an introduction to this seasons cast. And takes you inside the lives of Alexis Vila, Gesias Cavalcante, Jorge Santiago and Juan Carlos Faraldo.

With insight into the life and time of the fighters who based themselves out of American Top Team in Florida. Miami Hustle offers an unparalleled look at what life is like for those fighters, looking to make a name for themselves. Who hopes to one day make it to the UFC.

We get to see first hand Jorge Masvidal’s obvious and documented addiction to gambling. Seem like he is more than willing to stop some cash wherever and when there is a bet to be found, sometimes with hilarious consequences.

Preparing For The Training Day Ahead

During the morning we get to see what type of food it takes to fuel a high-level MMA fighter. Including homemade brownies, topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. 

Contrast that with Gesias Cavalcante who makes his own healthy shakes with fruits and vegetables. As he gets his final date set for his next fight in Strikeforce. We follow Cavalcants as he goes through his strength and conditioning training regime as he prepares for his fight.

Another fighter who is busy preparing for his next fight is Cuban Alexis Vila. A man who still has family back in his homeland who he wants to be to America. With hope and dreams that one day they will be together again in Miami.

Cut to Gamebred who is back in his house doing some online training, playing video games. And it takes his coach to drop by and pull him away from the games console for him to finally hit the gym. Well, not before he convinces him to play a quick game!

So check out Jorge Masvidal and company, where the entire series can be seen on the GenghisCon YouTube channel. Along with a whole other host of excellent work including the Phuket Dreaming series. So check it out.

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