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Jones Jones – Let’s Keep This Main event Goin #Video

I figured this would put a few smiles on some faces today @UFC

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Jon Jones Wants UFC 197 Matchup Regardless

Jon Jones is not known for taking last-minute fights, in fact, a whole card was once cancelled due to him making that very distinction. Now, however, it seems things have somewhat changed. After all the issues that both he, his supporters and employers have had to deal with over the past year. It looks like Bones is really trying to make amends. Here he offers UFC 197 the option of lining up any heavyweight/light heavyweight they can find to ensure the card continues.

With the defending champion Daniel Cormier now officially out due to injury. Jones is now the one left without a dance partner for the much-anticipated card. Only three weeks out finding a competitive matchup for many’s pounds 4-pound number one was never going to be an easy task. Rumours are already swirling around as to who can it be. Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson is a name which has popped up, but as not yet confirmed. How many other via candidates are there out there?

Jones himself has called for heavyweights to step up. and that may very well be the best way to both save the card and have the former champion test the deeper water of that division. On only three weeks notice, could we names such as Josh Barnett or Mark Hunt stepping in to fill the void and earn themselves a big fat paycheck? There really aren’t too many names which can realistically be thrown into the mix and hellfire to follow. Facing one of the sports all-time greats is a huge test for any fighter, but on just three weeks notice it may simply be too much for many to handle.

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