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Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou || A Brendan Dorman Film Study ᴴᴰ

Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou Fight Film Study

How about some former UFC light heavyweight champion vs a rising heavyweight? How about some Jon Jones facing off against man-mountain Francis NGannou? And we are not talking about a fantasy fight here. But a very real prospect as Jones has recently eluded to a possible matchup against the fast-rising UFC heavyweight.

And with the prospect of the former UFC light heavyweight Jones taking on the hard-hitting, fast learning Ngannou. Who has smashed his way through some of the legends in the sport to challenge for the UFC heavyweight title, only to fall at the last hurdle. Will we really see this fight come to fruition?

Well, if the fighters themselves have any say then yes we will. However, there is somewhat of a spanner in the works in terms of the UFC President Dana White. And as per usual the big boss is playing hard to get in terms of paying the fighters what they believe they are worth. So if anyone id to scupper this potential superfight, because believe me it would have that status. It’s going to be Dana White himself.

So MMA analyst Brendan Dorman has hit us with what he believes may go down in this fantasy-Esque matchup, saying;

“The myriad of opinions re: whether or not the fight SHOULD take place seem to be a resounding yes by everyone NOT named Dana White.” – BD

A Jones NGannou matchup is a veritable feast for the senses and were we to see these two-stepping into the octagon, it’s sure to be a spectacle to behold. And with some believing Jon is just too small for Francis, Mr Dorman has some points he would like you to consider before going any further.

Jones vs Ngannou Needs to Happen

Brendan is a believer and feels if anything this fight is actually a requirement. Not just a fight based on a whim.

“Here I will make a case for why this fight is needed, and some of the technical things that I expect within reason (as neither has faced someone similar nor seen Jones at HW).” – BD

And with that BD feeds us how he thinks this epic matchup might go down. as two of the biggest names and physical specimens in the business may go toe to toe at the 250 lbs heavyweight limit. Is it too big a call by the LHW champion of the world? Or does he see something in NGannou and an opportunity to deal with that loose freight train before it picks up anymore velocity?

Longer-term, if JJ does finally decide to make a permanent move up to heavyweight. Francis is a puzzle he ay have already solved and by that time he may no longer be a potential opponent. No one really knows in this chaotic world of elite-level mixed martial arts. Sometimes we just gotta throw out the rule book and let the chips fall where they may.

And Jon Jones vs Francis Nugannou may just be one of the biggest gambles ever seen inside the UFC octagon. And it’s a huge bet on which Bones Jones is willing to put his house.

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