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Jon Jones Vs Daniel Cormier ● Staredown Analysis

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier The Staredown

Mindsmash taking a far deeper dive into the UFC 214 pre-fight press conference face-off. Between the current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. And the former undisputed champion Jon Jones. What signals can we take from the up close and person stare down?

With this fight has been such a long time in the making and with some much on the line. It’s no wonder that any little edge one can get over the other is jumped upon. We get to hear some thoughts on what thought processes may have been going the heads of both fighters.

The imposing yet shy Jones, testing the water against the reigning Champ. It’s mind games every step of the way with these two elite level athletes. And come Saturday night at UFC 214. Both men will finally get the opportunity to put this stage in their professional careers to rest.

With fans and pundits divided but leaning toward the former Champion. Can DC prove to his doubters and himself? That he truly is the best 205lb fighter on the planet? Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Someone wrote a song about that once.


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