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Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier HEATED Trash Talk


Here are all of the funniest and most heated moments with the very best trash talk between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. Before they face off ahead of their fight at UFC 214.

Being one of the biggest feuds in the sport today. The two men, both the former and current light heavyweight champion truly despise one another.  Both men have been exchanging heated words now for over 2 years. With some of the very best instances represented in this hilarious compilation video!

Having already fought once at UFC 182, where the current Champ at the time Jon Jones. Beat Daniel Cormier in a 3-2 decision victory in a classic light heavyweight battle. Having since been scheduled to fight 3 times with each and every fight falling apart before it began. With Jones getting done for a DUI along with reckless driving charges and most recently, of course, his dick pills incident the day before UFC 200.

While Jones has been away from the sport, Daniel Cormier won the vacant light heavyweight title. Defending it on two occasions. Now Jones is back and plans to take back what he feels he never lost. The two are now ready to face off in the main event at UFC 214. In a super hyped rematch which has been some two years in the making.

Vanquishing the King

This is perhaps the single biggest fight at 205lbs in the sport’s history. even the current champion Daniel Cormier has said, that this is the single biggest bit of competition he has ever been involved in. And that also includes when he competed for the United States of America in the Olympics.

If DC can overcome his demon’s and vanquish the resurgent Jonny Bones. It, without doubt, be the greatest achievement of his career. And a defining moment in the sport. No copyright infringement intended! Made under fair use policy.

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