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Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier COUNTDOWN TO UFC 182

Countdown to UFC 182 Jones vs. Cormier Bad Blood & Insults

It’s Countdown to UFC 182 as the bad blood between light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier is ready to be settled. We go behind the scenes LHW king Jon ‘Bones’ Jones faces his biggest test to date. An Olympian and undefeated inside the octagon Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier. As these two sworn enemies finally meet inside the cage to settle who is the very best at 205 lbs?

With the war of words has continued for many months in the build-up to the fight. The tension and disdain between these two are palpable. It’s obvious that they are not faking this for the camera’s, as we have seen from leaked footage. There is genuine animosity between the pair and it goes way past professional sports. With personal and even family-related jobes being thrown around by the pair in the pre-fight buildup.

Cormier and Jones go back and forth in the buildup as both men realise just what is on the line. The champion Jon Jones says that the fight will not be a wrestling match. And so believes that Cormier’s accolades as a world-class wrestler are just that, wrestling. And what Jon brings to the cage is UFC experience, plenty of it, at the very top of the sport.

We see how the hatred for one another progressed in the interviews and studio appearances in the lead up to UFC 182. As the pair were caught on a hot mic off camera going hard at it. Jones believes Cormier is not his equal, while Cormier believes Jones may be the guy to test him at 205 lbs. We find out when the pair finally face-off, only inside the UFC octagon. Personal insults and threats abound, it’s Countdown to UFC 182.

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