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Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier Every BACKSTAGE FIGHTS & Altercations

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier Altercations

Ok, so we know these two guys despise each other, but that, of course, is putting it mildly. Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier hate each other’s guts! Just two people who will never see eye to eye, either inside the octagon or outside in daily life.┬áThis is a compilation of every backstage incident, staredowns went wrong. And altercations between the former and current light heavyweight Champions.

It is possibly the biggest feud in UFC history, which has now gone on for many years. The two light heavyweight champions truly despise one another. And at this time of writing have been exchanging insults and barbs for well over 2 years. We go behind the scenes and in front of the cameras for all of the brawls and altercations between DC and Bones.

They have already fought once at UFC 182, where Jones beat Cormier in a 3-2 decision. With the two fighters having been slated to fight 3 times since that time. Jones has a litany of incidents and mishaps in his life including a DUI. Some speed racer reckless driving charges! And most recently those dick pills, as he put, the day before their UFC 200 bout.

While Jon Jones has been away from the sport, DC captured the UFC light heavyweight title, defending it two times. Bones has his eyes set on recapturing the title he feels he never lost! They clash again in the main event at UFC 214 which happens on July 29th, 2017.


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