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Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson at SUG 2 Submission Only Grappling Tournament

Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson Submission grappling Tournament

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, taking on the now-retired from MMA competition Dan Henderson. The SUG 2 event once again saw the former MMA competitors facing off for this submission-only grappling competition. A sight many thought they would never see after Henderson only recently stepping away from competing. All in all a great opportunity for fans of both fighters to see them doing their thing without usual strikes.

But we can see from the very beginning that this is purely something for fun. And just as well as the former LHW champion Jonny Bones begins by putting Hendo on the back foot. Unable to get a  good position, it is Henderson who is constantly fighting off the much larger Jones. At one point Dan does manage to capture the arm of Jon, but its a short-lived submission attempt.

Using his superior height, reach and overall skill set, Jon Jones is eventually able to sneak in a triangle submission. And it’s something Hendo is unable to escape from, being forced to tap out. All in all a good fun grappling match between these two competitors. And who knows, we may actually see Jone back in action in MMA soon enough when he gets his crap together.

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