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Jon Jones Vs. Brad Bernard Pro Debut in MMA – RARE Footage

Jon Jones Pro Debut MMA Vs. Brad Bernard RARE Footage

Most fans of mixed martial arts will know Jon Jones as the light heavyweight phenom and former UFC Champion of the World. But even the great Jonny Bones had to start somewhere. Here he is in his first-ever professional fight against an 0 – 1 Brad Bernard. While Bernard didn’t yet have a win in the cage, he had the advantage in experience, but that was all! At Full Force Productions – Untamed 20 he faces a rising star in a fight which would also be his last.

Within just five months of his first professional fight, Jones would be competing in the UFC, replacing and injured Tomasz Drwal against undefeated prospect Andre Gusmao at UFC 87. The rest as they say ladies and gentlemen is history.

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier

With Jones’s current record standing at a lofty 21 – 1. And that one loss coming via a very dubious decision by an often slated referee. Is he the greatest fighter to ever step inside the octagon? After a highly publicized run-in with a pregnant woman and the law. Jon Jones was summarily stripped of his light heavyweight crown and slipped quietly into the shadows. He makes his return to the UFC octagon in 2016 and straight into a title shot against an old foe and current 205 lb champ Daniel Cormier in a battle for the ages. A lot of hype and hysteria surrounded their first bout, so what should we expect when the two once again face each other? 

An always confident Cormier has stressed that things have changed since their first fight and that now he is ready for the challenge. In the meantime Jon Jones has been keeping his head down and keeping busy, building his physique and his skillset for an inevitable return to action. Expect the UFC’s pr machine to go into overdrive once the date for their rematch is finally announced. Especially if as rumoured the fight takes place in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Fingers crossed, watch this space…

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