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Jon Jones Passed His USADA Blood Test the Night of the Fight

Jon Jones Passed Original USADA Test

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub discussing the latest piece of news. In relation to the Jon Jones doping controversy. As the plot thickens with new information on the Jones passing his post-fight blood test. Revisiting the information a source sent him and talking about Andy Foster’s thoughts on it.

Right now unless you are an expert in steroids and doping, it’s really just hearsay. No one really has an idea of what is going on in the situation, except perhaps the professionals at USADA, who are handling the case.

Citing an article in relation to the situation. He talks about how Jones did not fail any of the tests earlier in the month. So the question is, why the post-weigh-in? The article’s author says that there is one of two things going on. Either Jon is very careless, or he is a cheater. And neither of those options looks good for Jones in the long run.

The makeup of the steroid in question is the red flag. A substance which is apparently out of the system within a few hours. So that someone can take it, then be clear the very next day or even later the same day!

People who use the “MIB” steroid in its correct form in the competition, never get caught. The problem is for people who get a bad batch or a poor imitation. Which does not leave the body without a trace? This is when users get found out.

Chael Sonnen Chimes In

Former steroid cheat Chael Sonnen also had some thought to give on the situation. Saying that he believes that is USADA only found that drug in Jones system. Then they probably missed others, as that particular steroid is not high on the list of performance-enhancing drugs.

Sonnen explained that in order to use this drug, you would stack it with others. So it is in fact just a piece of the bigger puzzle. Stating that it’s an extremely hard drug to get your hands on. He also added that when he fought Jones he himself had more juice (steroids) in his body than a carton of Tropicana. Yet Jones pushed him around like it was nothing. Something he had been able to do throughout his career.

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