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Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Being NICE To Each Other

Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Nice Words About One Another

One thing we do know! Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier do not like each other, at all, right? Well here is a nicely put together compilation of footage. Where Jones and Cormier have some good things to say about each other. Granted some was firmly tongue and cheek. But perhaps, buried somewhere underneath the animosity. There are two best friends waiting to break out?

Could Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier ever be best buddies? Well, let us take a look all the times they have said nice things about each other and praised each other’s skills! When you put them all side by side there is actually quite a lot of material. But like we said, much of it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

We will have to wait until their fight is over at UFC 214 to judge whether they actually mean any of it. Competition and rivalry can destroy the best of friendships. Let’s see if it can build one for a change?

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