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Jon Jones Crimes and Misdemeanours

Jon Jones Is Back baby!

It’s that time again as we welcome the UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones back to the cage. Now I use the word welcome pretty loosely, as speaking for myself I don’t think I could ever welcome Jones back anywhere. There can be little doubting his God-given talent and ability. But one thing which Jonny Bones was not as richly endowed, was that of a moral code.

His reign at the top of the division may very well trundle along after he faces Anthony Smith for the title at UFC 235. But for many, Jones will be remembered for his faux pas and underhandedness both in and out of the cage. A married man, a talisman in the sport, a man of God. Yet his public words and private actions have rarely ever coexisted in the same dimension, let alone the same zip code.

Daniel Cormier And Jon Jones Face Off.

Having dominated since entering the sport back in 2008. His steady rise to the top has seemingly run parallel with his steady descent into a murky world of double-dealing, lies and half-truths.

Rumours and whispers abound amongst fellow fighters and some trainers. Often left one wondering, if Jones success was the driver behind said disparaging comments about him as a man and teammate outside the cage.


Never quite sure where those rumours stopped and reality began. His personal life was always shrouded in a vale of secrecy and heavily managed pr. But when it all began to publicly fall apart for the first time, leaving a trail of wreckage in its wake. People became wise as at least some of that vale was finally lifted. Allowed us a just a sliver of a peek into the world of Jonny Bones Jones.

After so many second takes and third chances. Bones once again finds himself back on top of the mountain. In a sport where villains often thrive, he finds himself in that unique position of being the UFC’s ring leader. But something about Jones makes him quite different. In that he doesn’t simply play the role, he lives it to the max.

Jon Jones Lands A Left Hand On Alexander Gustafsson.

For as hard as he might try, at least publicly, to do the opposite being all smiles, hugs and high fives. There’s something quite unsettling about the man behind the fighter. I often wonder now what his own inner circle of friends and family think?

Realistically, is there an iota of trust in there somewhere left to be salvaged? Or do his very own now look upon the p4p great as many of former fans?

Jon Jones & A Match Made in heaven

Jon Jones and fighting were a match made in heaven. And it’s something he may continue to do successfully for many more years to come. But I feel that as a man and a role model to others, his stock is all but wiped out, with all but a snowball’s chance in hell of ever recouping your investment.

Jones may once again dominate at UFC 235 and prove his greatness inside the cage. But with greatness come s great responsibility. And honestly, those two words should never be used in the same sentence when discussing the 205lb champ. I wish him the best of luck as a human being who has the opportunity to change and grow. But until I see that verifiable truth, I for one won’t be someone who is cheering for Jon Jones the fighter.

As an old saying in Tennessee goes … fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Shout out to GWB 😉

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